Clinical Cognition Lab

Trauma, depression and anxiety

Researchers in the Clinical Cognition lab are interested in the cognitive mechanisms underlying emotional disorders as depression and anxiety. Several research lines arise from that.

One research line studies how people with a traumatic experience like child sexual abuse remember and/or forget. Another research line looks at the cognitive deficits that can explain disorders like depression and anxiety, and how training of these cognitions can relieve the symptoms.

Coping, anger and thought suppression are other topics we study in the lab.


At the moment we are implementing a working memory training in depressive and anxious patients and we are applying a therapy (with components of virtual reality) with victims of sexual abuse. If you are interested in these studies, donít hesitate to contact us.



If you have any questions regarding our work, please feel free to talk about it with us.


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We are located at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

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